Jesse Jagz Explains his Return to Chocolate City

Super Producer and seasoned rapper, Jesse Jagz sits down with Notjustok TV to explain why he decided to go back to Chocolate City and also shares some detail about his journey from the groups he formed Gospel Insanity (made up of eKelly and Charlie X) and 1130 which included Kahli Abdul.

So according Jesse, his return is more of a partnership between Chocolate City and his imprint Jagz Nation; similar to the Loopy records and Chocolate City arrangement. This is a packed interview and you should take your time to enjoy the answers that you have been looking for from Jesse Jagz.




Why I Blame ‘The Streets’ For Lil Kesh “Next Rated” Loss At The Headies

Why I Blame ‘The Streets’ For Lil Kesh “Next Rated” Loss At The Headies


The dramatic event acted out at the Headies awards stage on January the first, is one happenstance that won’t be too easy to forget. The theatrics perpetrated by the upper echelon rulers of the Nigerian music industry has remained an abysmal bewilder to many. While the streets were busy taking over, turning out nooks and crannies, the populace couldn’t even drive their ruling prince to a deserving win. And this was a stinking piece of information that was not-very-well-received-at-all. Their sadness and disappointment shone right through their heavy laden hearts. But it never occurred to them that they might have been their own detractors, the architects of their own misfortune, the direct rationale behind their loss.

Let me tell you why. Read More……